Light Duty Terminal Tool Kit [954]

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Tools quickly & easily disassemble connectors to remove faulty terminals

Eliminates connector damage & is easier & faster than prying connectors apart with a screwdriver

Each tool is specially designed to depress locking tabs in different connectors

Kit Includes: (23) Terminal Tools & (1) Brass Brush

Made in USA

Kit Breakdown:

Part Number Description
49302 Male/Female Weather Pack
49303 Tyco and Bosch Duel Tab (Injector/Sensors)
49304 Universal Pick Tool
49305 Lock Removal Tool
49306 Metripak Pull Thru
49307 Universal Micro Pick Tool
49308 Internal Tab Push Down
49309 Extended Internal Tab Push Down
49312 Deutsch Lock Remover
49313 Seam Ripper
59501 Molex and Tyco Round Tube Push Through
93501 Domestic Duel Internal Tab
93502 Domestic Internal Latch (Large)
414517 Extended Tyco and Bosch Duel Tab (Injector/Sensors)
413483 Micro Tyco and Bosch Duel Tab (Injector/Sensors)
405780 General Internal Duel Tab
401714 European/ Injectors(Bosch)
408575 Delphi Metra Pack (Female)
405784 Tyco Round
413484 Male and Female Duel Tab
93503 Extended Internal Pick Tool
93515 Domestic Internal Latch (Small)
93516 Domestic Slotted Male Terminal Release
52022 Brass Brush